Features of Glass

“Triple Glazed” Insulated Glass Panels
Our exterior entry doors feature insulated tempered glass panels for added energy efficiency and security. By enclosing the decorative beveled glass between two reinforced pieces 
of flat tempered safety glass, it not only helps protect the caming from tarnishing, but also breakage.

Caming Options
Glass caming is the metal that holds each piece of beveled decorative glass together. The aluminum adjustable sill, flush bolts and ball bearing hinges match the selected glass caming option. Patina is the darkest of the three and is very similar to oil rubbed bronze, Zinc is a silver color which is very similar to stainless steel, Brass is a golden color.

Patina/Black Caming
Zinc Caming
Brass Caming

Glass Textures
We offer two glass textures on our wood entry doors depending on which model you select.

Double Glue Chip: A textured glass having slightly obscuring properties with an etched pattern resembling ferns or snowflakes. Organic glue is applied to the glass; as it dries it grows in a crystalline pattern, etching the glass in the process.

Reflective: Beveled glass with a metallic coating to reflect visible light and solar radiation striking the surface of the glass. It reduces solar heat gain and also visibility to the interior from outside.


Beveled Insulated Glass
Our French door series are installed with 14mm insulated glass with 25mm (1 in) bevel.