Our Product

The species that we mainly use for exterior and interior doors are Mahogany, Ash, Red Oak, Knotty Alder and Burmese Cherry, other selective woods are also available.

Our standard doors are 6/8 or 8/0 in height, the standard door thickness is 1-3/4” and we offer 2-1/4” thickness for doors that are 8/0 taller height and 42” in width. 6/8 door is 1-3/4” and the 8/0 or higher doors may up to 2-1/4”. In addition to doors, we offer matching sidelites in a variety of width, plus matching transoms in variety of shape, widths and heights, including half circle, elliptical and rectangular.

Prehung Units

The provide prehung entry door units that are ready for installation. Each unit includes jambs, aluminum threshold, sidelites, transom, etc. Door lockset hardware is not provided, but the hardware preparation (Double Bore) holes will be drilled for your lock if requested. All door and glass designs are available in a variety of prehung entry configurations. Prehung units include interior casing and brick mold, T-astragal, mullion post, door sill, door shoe, weatherstripping, and adjustable aluminum threshold, plus 3 hinges on 6/8 high doors and 4 hinges on 8/0 high doors. Prehung units are recommended factory pre-finished.

Model Number Breakdown